The S-line Lucente collection consists of acrylic fronts that come in matte and gloss variants either on one side of the door or both. With a deep gloss and incredible endurance, this collection is the perfect combination of great looks and functionality.


The Morbido collection encompasses a range of painted MDF boards that can come both in matte and gloss. The fronts are 18mm thick and can be spray-painted either on one side or on both. We offer a comprehensive range of colours, with over 2500 shades from the NCS, RAL, and Farrow & Ball collections.


The Cleaf collection is made using Italian technology with a Thermo Structure Surface that makes the boards stronger, thicker, and more durable. In addition to its incredible durability, this type of board can be customised to imitate a number of different textures, such as concrete, textiles, wood, etc.


Laminate is a dysplastic material created in a process involving the use of resin and MDF boards at high temperatures. The result is an incredibly heat-resistant front that can be freely customised to match your intended kitchen décor.