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New Line Kitchen Design Ltd is currently one of the providers of bespoke kitchen services in London. With over 14 years of experience on the market, we help our clients outfit their kitchens in the most efficient, practical, and visually enticing way possible.

In our team you'll find many experienced artisans who know exactly what to do in order to ensure the best results in all bespoke kitchen projects. Specialising in various areas of the manufacturing process, with dedicated experts in wood, steel, glass, etc., our team is prepared to take all the necessary measures to make your kitchen design dreams come true. 

It is our aim to always ensure that our clients get a personalised service that will best suit their individual needs. For this reason, we do our best to not only give you access to the best teams in the industry, but also some of the best selections of tools, materials, and all other aspects of the kitchen manufacturing process. All this for a fair price, perfectly adjusted to a client's needs and expectations.


In order to provide our clients with the best results achievable, we know that we need more than just an impeccable team who will happily handle any task sent their way. The technology used in the manufacturing process is just as important, and you can be sure that New Line Kitchen Design Ltd has that in its offer as well. We boast technologically advanced equipment that helps us guarantee excellent quality furniture for your kitchen.

Among the many modern tools we use is laser edge technology. Boards with laser edges are incredibly resistant to moisture and heat and, due to the fact that they were melded together using laser, have the look of one seamless piece. It's a clean, practical, and incredible-looking option for any type of kitchen.

The technology we use is supplied to us by the reliable German manufacturer Homag. Their tools provide us with a level of technological advancement that gives us a lot of freedom when it comes to manufacturing furniture in accordance with the client's ideas.


No self-respecting bespoke kitchen company can do its job well without proper access to reliable materials. Luckily, New Line Kitchen Design Ltd uses some of the best materials on the market to bring you the very best bespoke kitchen solutions you could hope for.

Our clients have a wide selection to choose from when it comes to the kitchen fronts, including acrylic, wooden, and MDF fronts, among others. No matter what material you choose, though, there are a great number of finishes on our offer to make your kitchen that much more unique. We offer a wide range of paint colours, veneer, laminates - the list goes on! We offer far more than just kitchen fronts – you can count on us to provide you with the best worktops made of stone, wood, and laminate. Our dry-fitting services are a great choice if you don’t need your kitchen to be wired, while our LED-selection can provide you with all the lighting option you may ever wish for in a kitchen.

The hinges and drawers we use are made by BLUM, a leading manufacturer in the area, and come with a lifetime warranty. All Blum drawers come with the Blumotion amortisation systems which results in very slow and quiet front closing, regardless of load. Aside from those, we also offer a selection of drawers from Hettish and GTV. GTV drawers come with a FIRA certificate and utilise advanced technology that allows them to guarantee great quality and endurance. They have a maximum weight limit of 40kg. Hettish drawers are high in quality and can withstand weights up to 50kg. They’re available in white, grey, anthracite, champaigne, and stainless steel. Whichever type of drawer you choose, you can be sure that all of them come equipped with a soft close system which can help close the fronts in a quiet, delicate fashion. No matter what vision you have for your kitchen, with a selection of materials like this, you're bound to be satisfied with the result!

How we work?

What makes us really stand out, however, is the way we approach each individual project. As a professional bespoke kitchen company, New Line Kitchen Design Ltd goes to great lengths to ensure that each kitchen is as adjusted to a client's needs as possible.

The whole process starts with an individual meeting between the client and a designer who takes all of the client's requests into account when coming up with a concept that is best suited to their needs. Once that is established, we take all the necessary measurements of the interior to make sure we can use the available space in the most effective way possible. The next step involves creating a technical drawing of the kitchen along with a 3D model, in order to present the client with a reliable visualisation of the project.

This is where all the final decisions are made. Clients can choose a dry-fitting option, and we also offer home appliances as part of the package for some of the best prices available on the market. We'll be in touch with you throughout the entire process, so you can freely contact us should any questions come up. All of our projects come with a 10-year warranty.


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