Kitchen Kensington

One of the most beautiful and important boroughs of London is Kensington known for many European embassies and also for museums, colleges and cultural centres. One of the most famous places in the area are Kensington Gardens but there are a lot more historical sites. The green area full of beautiful parks is densely populated, and many people rent or buy flats in high-rise residential buildings or charming Victorian houses. South Kensington is filled with private houses while the North is full of high-rise residential buildings. If you like to live there and feel at home, one f the possible ways to achieve this is to furnish your home with a fantastic bespoke wooden kitchen, the centre of family life.

The showroom of New Line Kitchen Design Ltd housing lots of sets of kitchen cabinets is located in the International House at 142 Cromwell Road London SW7 4EF United Kingdom. It is a few-minute walk from Sainsbury’s which is a well known shopping centre almost opposite K Hotel Kensington, so you cannot get lost. It is really worth seeing our furniture, and we have not only got kitchens, but also beautiful, functional wardrobes. We offer furniture adjusted exactly to our clients’ needs.

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