Kitchen Fulham

Fulham is one of the most interesting areas in London with its beautiful architecture, several great parks and a lot of sports facilities for example tennis courts and the stadium of two well known football clubs: Fulham F.C. and Chelsea F.C. Located in the loop of the Thames was once the area where mainly working class lived. Nowadays with wonderful public transport it is easy to get to any other part of London, so lots of people decide to live there. They often look for kitchen furniture that will allow them to create their unique home atmosphere. The most beautiful kitchens clients can see in the showroom of NEW LINE KITCHEN DESIGN LTD in International House at 142 Cromwell Road London SW7 4EF United Kingdom.

It is not very far and easy to get to the showrooms where there is a diversity of furniture designed by the best company’s interior architects and designers. First take North End and turn right into A3218. Go straight ahead to Bolton Gardens and turn left into Collingham Road to Cromwell Road. You will cover the distance in ten minutes. It is worth seeing every inimitable design there.

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